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Woo, Mardi Gras, Woo!

Um, woo? Haven’t seen much in the way of MG celebration in webcomicdom today — maybe tomorrow it’ll all be ashes and sackcloth and repentance, but somehow I doubt it.

I would like to state publicly that I am the only webcartoonist who never worked on a strip or book called “Superfrog.”

A quote from Catwoman writer Will Pfieifer:
“When I was young, I created more than 60 issues of a comic book called Frog, which was basically my excuse to rip off every bit of pop culture that interested me from those days – The Six Million Dollar Man, Star Wars, Kirby comics, Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, Byrne’s X-Men, James Bond movies, you name it.”

It’s an epidemic!

While I’m not a webcomic artist, I too created a superhero comic called “Super Frog” when I was about 9 or 10, and did 3 issues!

Wow… I think I applied to Rose-Hulman. Unfortunately, I ended up at another equally nerdy engineering school in the Midwest.

Good times, good times…

I couldn’t draw frogs, so I did SuperChris instead.

(I couldn’t draw Chris very well either.)

In the 4th grade or so I drew a comic about a Ninja Frog…I blame Eastman and Laird…

/guilty of superfrog.

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