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Emergency Post For Emergency Notice

We at Fleen are deeply saddened to learn that Karen Ellis of Planet Karen has lost nearly everything in a fire; the apartment above hers was the source, and tragically her neighbor was found dead. Ellis has one good coat, an MP3 player, and about nothing else.

Since “nearly everything” probably includes originals and work done on her previously announced book, the need will probably be ongoing., which hosts Planet Karen, is planning a fundraising auction on Karen’s behalf. If you have items you think you’d like to donate, please contact Karen Healey at karen dot healey at girl dash wonder dot org.

There’s also a donation link on the main page of her site, and now would be a good time for that generosity which webcomicdom is so very good at to directed toward the aid of one of our own.

Donation sent.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention Gary.

::internet hugs:: for Karen

Hi Gary,

Thanks for getting the notice out there! One small correction: my email is actually karen.healey@girl-wonder.ORG.

Donation sent. *sends positive vibes too*

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Thank you for mentioning this. I posted on it as soon as I heard (shortly after she posted the first update on the fire), but my readership’s fairly small. Fortunately, word is getting out, thanks to efforts like this.

Take care.

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