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Looks Like I’ll Be Able To Tick About Six More Names Off My Life List

News all over Webcomicstan this morning — there’s going to be an international gathering of creators in Easthampton, MA the weekend of March 20 — 22. Public details are a bit sketchy right now, but word on the street is that it’s going to be informal … think meetups, studio tours (lotta creators in the the Western Massachusetts zone), signings, and perhaps some light commerce. Behind the scenes will surely include creators “hanging” and “drinking”, with a side order of banging their heads together to figure out ways to entertain you more effectively.

Aspiring historians of webcomics, remember what a meet/greet for just one group of webcomickers did for one of the pioneers of our field a little over four years ago: it cemented E. B-White‘s place in our narrow discipline as The Literary One (Xaviar Xerexes remains The Cute One, and I’m Ringo), and forever associated [Dumbrella Hosting principal and Fleen publisher] Phillip Karlsson’s name with malefactors. You too could have that kind of lasting influence, or at least say hi to some talented people and enjoy some sophisticated adult beverages that make everybody around you seem smarter and more attractive.

In other news today, books!

  • Via Mike Russell, news that Dylan Meconis is going to be self-publishing the collected Bite Me; I am ashamed to say that I didn’t catch this new myself, but Meconis’s current series, Family Man, is one that I only visit every few months so that I can absorb as many pages at one time as possible — I simply cannot read one page a week without going mad with anticipation. Meconis is podcating about the self-publishing experience with fellow conspirator Bill Mudron, which you should listen to with the caveat that there may be the odd naughty word or concept in your earbuds.
  • And who’s up for a new Templar, AZ book? If you didn’t shout Me! Over here, me!, you’re a filthy liar because all right-thinking people love Templar, AZ. From Spike herself:

    I’m now taking pre-orders for book three of TAZ, with the same intent as always: To cover the print bill. I’ve put everything I sell on sale, but the prices are going right back up the second the bill’s covered. This won’t last forever, so people have gotta hurry.

    You heard the lady — get your orders in, ’cause she don’t go to print ’til it’s paid for and I want my book, dammit.

Gary + Beatles reference = mandatory link to the Beatles Moustache Index :)

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It’s unfortunate that I’ll be in MA from the 7 – 15th, so I’ll miss the weekend. I’m hoping some of the people going to that weekend might offer to be a judge for the tournament the week before on March 14th.

Maybe next year I’ll time the tournament to coincide so more webcomic people can stop by.

Looking forward to seeing you, sir. We need to go all Woodword and Bernstein. Xerexes can be Ben Bradlee and we can blow the lid off this damn coverup once and for all.

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