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Parte Thee Seconde

I have performed another pass through my near-illegible notes of NYCC happenings, so please forgive me for any omissions yesterday, and for things that happened when I was largely out of the loop. For instance, I met a capital fellow named Colin who was attending his very first con, and he totally didn’t go insane. Also, in the photos below, you will see on Vincent LaBate, writer of Kitty Hawk, and my fellow Studio Foglio booth monkey; one really couldn’t ask for better company.

In missed news, we didn’t even have time to report on the DrMcColorist search before it was done. Everybody feel good for Anthony “Nedroid” Clark. Nor did we have time to mention that it’s now The End Times over at Ugly Hill, as creator Paul Southworth wraps up the story and prepares for his next project. I’m gonna miss the sexist, classist, ocularist, speciesist, and everything-else-ist Hastings Kilgore, but I can’t wait to see what Southworth drops on us next.

Okay: pictures!

Over at the Studio Foglio booth, you had Vincent (L) and Phil (R) in a moment of repose before the storm. I think that Phil’s mom (L) had little idea what she was in for. But the weekend saw plenty of Girl Genius cosplayers, including three different Agathas, one of whom brought her own Gil, and another who showed up with an unrelated Zeetha.

Non-GG-themed costumes that stopped to say hi included various iterations of punky and steamy, with odd doo-dads and thingies aplenty.

Wandering by the booth you had fake webcomickers, various villainesses, a herculean Hulk towering over the crowd, and above it all, the privileged few in their luxury suites.

Back in the trenches, Mike and Jerry enjoyed their last moment of quiet for two days (aside from a panel or two), men in snappy hats did snappy things, and filthy hobos huddled for warmth around an open fire. Meanwhile, Ryan Sohmer came out totally blurry (it’s rumored that he can’t be photographed unless he wishes it), and the hardest working man in webcomics was … somewhere else? Huh. Better work on that, Brad.

Andy Bell, on discovering I was working a different booth — You’re dead to us, Gary.

Me, to Jon Rosenberg, in reponse to the Dumbrella goods sign — Can I have a hug?

Back to regular stuff tomorrow.

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