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There’s A Con Tomorrow, Still Lots To Do

Quickly now (and since I’m going to be busy all day tomorrow, let this serve as fair warning that you’ll be getting a canned update and if anything newsworthy breaks I’m sorry for not covering it).

  • Readers of Fleen will recognize the name John Baird as being the gentleman (in every sense of the word) behind The Create a Comic Project. He’d like you to know:

    [J]udges are needed! The Create a Comic Project is having it’s third annual Comic Making Tournament on Saturday, March 14, 2009. If you’re a comic artist who lives near New Haven, CT, please consider stopping by.

    Local media has been asked to cover the tournament, so you may get some free press out of it. At the very least, you’ll get the “Ooos” and “Aaahs” of several dozen enthusiastic kids.

    If you’re interested, send an email to createacomic at gmail dot com.

  • Anybody given this a test drive yet? Tyler Martin’s ComicPress plug-in for WordPress is practically the standard for webcomic sites, but there’s a new offering. Zachary Lewis went looking for a content management system that fit his needs, and wound up writing his own. SomeryC suports comments, news articles, an RSS feed, timed publishing (queueing) and in-browser uploading; it’s available for download here, is discussed here, and Lewis is looking for feedback/feature requests here.
  • Nudged to action by alert reader “L”:

    Hey, you haven’t posted about yet, in which David Morgan-Mar and co. have hit on the laziest webcomic concept ever. What? How can it be lazier than an algorithm that makes the comics for you? You’ll see.

    Indeed you will. From the Comments on a Postcard about page:

    The Guernsey Comics Collective became a cult hit in the late 1990s with their witty series Mango Chutney! In 1998, chief writer Billy Striker began to collect together various other ideas in order to start another strand of work. Painstakingly, the other members of the team began to assemble art, lettering, and design for the series, until they were ready to storm the world once more.

    Unfortunately, a fire broke out in the headquarters of the collective in mid 2001, and only one man escaped…. The only surviving legacy of this great creative work of the GCC is the “director’s commentary”, the notes and minutes carried by the publisher that would have marked a spectacular comeback.

    So, director’s commentary on a series of strips, but the actual strips themselves have been destroyed. And the commentary has actually been reconstructed not by the mezzacotta crew, but by a series of dedicated volunteers. Still, one can only wonder at the marvels the strips might once have shown.

That postcard project would be much cooler if it were the only surviving record of humanity. Still pretty cool, though.

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