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Got An Idea For You, Brad

Longtime readers of this page will recall the fondness that we at Fleen have for Brad Guigar’s Phables. Nice little comic vignettes about life in the big city, as contributed by the people that live there — it’s practically a modern-day Studs Terkel (requiscat in pace) book in pictures. But it’s been largely absent from updates since September, and was on a biweekly schedule for months beforehand.

I asked Guigar what the deal was with that (for although I have always lived within the gravitational sphere of New York City, I do live close enough to Philly to have some interest in the natives and their charming — if rustic and simple — culture and ways), and he replied cryptically. There were plans, and schemes, and nefarious doers of ill to contend with he told me. I chalked the conversation up to one more piece of evidence that living outside the genteel confines of the Midwest has driven poor Brad ’round the bend … if he starts in about how “lizard men secretly run webcomics”, just nod reassuringly and keep a clear path betwen you and the exits.

But it appears that I was wrong (at least about his mutterings about Phables and they’ll get theirs), for today brings long-anticipated news:

I’m finally ready to launch pre-orders for the Phables book. You can order the book now for $15 or you can get a limited-edition artist edition book (I do an original sketch inside the book) for only $15 more. Pre-order now!

Hooray! But wait — there’s more in the email?

Unfortunately, there have been too many things going on behind the scenes that have made it impossible for me to discuss this with you. But, the time is finally right for me to speak openly: I’ve ended Phables.

Crappo! I’m telling you as a friend, Brad — the lizardmen are not using Phables to send instructions to the British Royal Family! It’s okay, you can keep doing the strip, honest. And just because your wife reads xkcd and not your strip, that doesn’t mean she’s in on the conspiracy, really.

I’ll see you at New York Comic Con next week and we can talk someplace safe, okay? I’ll order my book from you then, and we can talk about this new idea I have for a webcomic that I think you’d like — it’s called Filly Follies, and it’s all about anthropomorphic My Little Ponies and their city of Fillydelphia, and they’d send you stories to illustrate. You’d like that, right Brad?

I am not even joking when I say I would 100% read a comic called Filly Follies every day forever. I think there might be a logistical problem with getting them to send in the stories though.

Suckers!! Don’t they know that the reptoids are a front created by the eldritch lord Cthulu!!!!

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