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So Many Possibilities For Mischief Creative Collaboration

So a couple of days ago, I noticed entirely by chance a Project Wonderful ad for a webcomic I’d not heard of before — Circle vs Square. It’s a bit spartan visually, with little beyond a plain circle and a plain square seeking to dominate each other (think Death to the Extremist). Okay, eyeballs delivered, nothing immediately grabbed me, moved on.

Yesterday, alert reader Eben Burgoon wrote to coincidentally point me towards CvsS, because that very visually primitive strip seems to have broken new ground in the creativity of selling out — it has incorporated Project Wonderful ads directly into the comic itself. Since I first hopped over there last night, it appears that the PW ads in the strip haven’t changed (LadyStar x2, Chainbear, Burgoon’s own Eben07, and Calamities of Nature), but it certainly appears that they could.

So I call upon webcomickers with something to advertise to see this as a challenge. What kind of button content can be snuck into the middle of CvsS strip #170? How can its content be subverted? It’s mass collaboration time, gang. Get creative.

In other news:

  • Chris Flick over at Capes & Babes is too proud to sell out … but not too proud to entice people to be friends with free art:

    I am currently offering a free, hi-rez, full-color marker illustration of Kang the Time Lord. All you have to do is follow me on Twitter or add a link to Capes & babes on your blog side bar. If you add a Capes link to your site, you need to send me an e-mail but if you follow me on Twitter, I will send you a DM with a link to the PDF.

  • In case your RSS feed hasn’t caught up, new Dresden Codak; creator Aaron Diaz got this update to us much faster than the previous one, which will hopefully be a trend.
  • Finally, not webcomics, but friend-of-webcomics (and all good things, really) Neil Gaiman has been awarded the highly prestigious Newbery Medal for his contributions to children’s literature (in this case, in the form of The Graveyard Book). As noted in this morning’s NPR interviewette, Gaiman’s work is now part of an organized canon of children’s lit, and will likely be there “on the Newbery shelf” forever. Richly deserved, and a bright spot of news in these dreary times.

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I wonder what will happen over time, as the comic falls deeper and deeper into the archives. Also, we totally jumped on the $100 advert in the following comic! Ouch!

One must be very careful when referring to a secret agency like 07’s.

On topic:
Next, though, the comics will be sponsored like Captain Amazing, with labels and logos slapped all over and brand names screaming at us from the pages as the character grabs an item suspiciously placed at the forefront of the scene – with a link embedded in the logo!

Wakcher! Look what you’ve done! You’ve doomed us all!


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