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So Ready For The Weekend

Just had lunch with Official Friend o’ Webcomics Rick Marshall (currently doing his best to get webcomics coverage added to MTV’s Splash Page); we’ve made plans concerning the upcoming New York Comic Con (The Big M will have a large presence there, and Marshall will be moderating one panel on Saturday (5:15 to 6:15, 1A07, “Radical Publishing”). If you bump into him during the show, make sure they let him out of the MTV booth long enough to get some food.

  • Via Shaenon Garrity, news of the second annual scholarship in honor of the late King Features editor, Jay Kennedy. It’s from the National Cartoonist Society Foundation, which means that it’s got a focus on traditional newspaper-style strips. But check out this part:

    Applicants must be college students in the United States, Canada or Mexico that will be in their Junior or Senior year of college during the 2009-2010 academic year. Applicants DO NOT have to be art majors to be eligible for this scholarship.

    Along with a completed entry form, applicants are required to send 5 samples of their own cartooning artwork; noting if and where the work has been published (either print or web). [emphasis mine]

    You’ve got a couple of weeks, college students. Between this and the Penny Arcade Scholarship (2008 winner discussed here), opportunities for young practitioners of the geekly arts are only getting better.

  • Yay! Something*Positive 1938 is back! And we’re only about four months of story-time into the sage of the MacIntire ancestors, so there’s plenty of Depression Era (the original Depression era that is, not this weak-sauce knockoff going on now) wackiness to look forward to.
  • I am morally obligated: moustache (eventually to be found here).

And it was great to see you, Gary! I do what I can!

Btw, that image at the top of the post is from an interview with Jenna Dewan, who will be playing Magdalena in the upcoming film based on the Top Cow comic series.

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