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Hope, Optimism, Bafflement

Webcomics notes the peaceful transfer of power and welcomes our new benevolent overlords with comics to note the occasion, and art of both the printed and wooden interlocking varieties. As a side note, that puzzle from Chris Yates is (as of this writing) going for less than the fair market price of his other Baffler!s of similar size and complexity, so hey — bargain time.

Speaking of bargains, if you’re in the market for a warehouse manager, the one that used to run the Achewood store is looking for a job. Hey Chris Crane, I don’t know how you feel about cross-continental commutes, but it sounds like Topatoco is growing by leaps and bounds these days and they could maybe use a hand.

Do you like process tutorials as much as I do? Probably more, considering that I can neither draw nor use Photoshop. In any event, there’s a very nice process tutorial today from Nedroid — all about building an image in CS4. If you want some Q&A about said process, it can be found in Mr Oid’s LiveJournal.

Technically, this one is about the inauguration, as well as having been taken at an Obama rally.

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