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I Remember When Javits Was A Senator And Not A Center

So, Child’s Play — looks like I jumped the gun in reporting their totals for the year. Today brings what will likely be the official cutoff of the 2008 seasonal effort, with a total of 1.43 million frickin’ dollars, which well exceeds last year’s take (when the worldwide economy wasn’t being totally bitchcakes). Yikes.

In case you feel like thanking Messers Krahulick and Holkins, you can find them in three weeks time at New York Comic Con, along with such other luminaries as Scott Kurtz, Brad Guigar (somebody remind me to bug him for details about the rumored Phables print collection), various Dumbrellites, Comics Bakers, Slingshot Girl (who I hear is to illustrate one of the stories in the long-rumored Machine of Death collection), a band of fugitive Canadians with a cool ride, and (major thrill for me here) Karl Kerschl and friends:

If you’re in or around the area, please come by and say hello. I’ll be doing sketches, selling T-Shirts and prints and giving away stickers. And probably wandering around a lot. Hey, it’s New York! Even the frigid winter weather can’t keep me from exploring Manhattan.

I’ll also be sharing table space with Cameron Stewart, compatriot and author of Sin Titulo. And if we’re really lucky, Ramón Pérez and Andy Belanger might loiter around long enough to sketch something. That’s half of txcomics right there!

So, wisdom-of-the-crowds time — who else is going to be there that I’ve missed?

The Foglios: both Phil and Kaja will be thre, and at KatsuCon the week after.

[thre -> there] of course … darn early morning typing.

Studio Foglio will be at booth 1809 in the Exhibit Hall.

I tried going through the whole list of attendees; the page is so long I thought my head was going to explode. According to VG Cats’ website Scott Ransoomair is going to be there but he hasn’t blogged in what capacity. Myself and at least two other members of Remedial Comics will be there (as fans) walking around in Remedy shirts and handing out cards and flyers. I’m really interested in Robert Khoo’s panel on the webcomics business but it’s on friday and I’m not sure I can make it on Friday and Saturday.

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