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Just How Large Is Ryan North?

Answer: This unretouched photo shows a standard postal envelope (complete with postmark) dwarfed by his enormous hand. Your only choices are to submit to the Nexus of All Webcomics Realities, or to be crushed. There are no alternatives. Now that we’re done being terrified, let’s move onto some news.

  • Missed it: Pilli Adventure now available en Español.
  • Seasonal Merch Alert: Valentine’s Day is now officially less than a month away, so if you want to get something to express your feelings to your special dude or lady in a webcomics motif, now’s the time. Roast Beef seems not to have anything smoochin’-related, but you can find find examples of the craft from Wondermark, Eros, Inc, Octopus Pie, and quite probably others, but those are the ones I’ve noticed.
  • WOOO HOT NAKED ACTION WOOO: Ask Dr Eldritch decides that after a fairly serious 500 comics, the theme for the next 500 should be ladies gettin’ naked. Seriously, fully twothirds of the comics since #500 have featured young teens ogling a naked lady. Honestly, Ask Dr Eldritch creator Evan Nichols — isn’t there enough of that on the internet already?
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