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Man, Grues Always Scared The Poo Outta Me When I Didn’t Know What They Looked Like

Okay, everybody who’s not read Jim Zubkavich’s Makeshift Miracle, stop right damn now and go start from the beginning. Now do yourself a favor and pick up the print version, because it reads even better in book form. Now ask yourself, Why is Gary pushing a two-three year old book that prints pages that ran on the web like seven-eight years ago, cool as it may be?

The answer, Bunky, is because of what Zubkavich has been up to since then. Bit of design work, some artwork for a mildly obscure RPG there, and oh yeah — artwork for a new browser game … a little thing called ZORK.



Zubkavich is the lead designer, contributing all the characters and monsters, and was aided by a terrific logo design from the able hands of fellow webcomicker Indigo Kelleigh. Honestly, the only thing that could make this cooler is if the soundtrack busts some phat rhymes.

I don’t know if Zork really warrants a “holy crap” spelled with two periods and a line break. Maybe just three exclamation marks is as much as it is suited.

If the new browser version includes Double Fanucci, I’m in.

And stop calling me Bunky.

Thanks for the praise, Gary. It’s greatly appreciated!

Michael, the game will indeed include Double Fanucci. I hope you like how the cards we designed turned out. :)

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