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Beginnings, Ends, And In-Betweens

Not quite getting the idea of “easy”, or just in a cranky mood? Chris Yates eschews RSS feeds for The Update-O-Tron. If anybody manages to navigate it all the way to the end successfully, let me know. Also, I think that by the time you finally do navigate it to the end, it’s statistically likely that the strip will have updated.

  • I don’t have the energy for this — would somebody please explain to Zuda that their understanding of women vis-a-vis webcomics (as both audience and creators) might possibly be a bit skewed? ‘Cause this shit ain’t making me think that the people in charge of Zuda (or, to be fair, this particular marketing push) have ever met actual live girls. (link via ¡Journalista!)
  • C’mon people, we could have done better than this — Mike Rouse-Deane rends his garments:

    After 9 months, 134 different artists contributed to 134 different strips each one adding their own take on a group of police officers and their lives. The goal was to make it an entire year, from April 1st to April 1st and finish it. Each strip was on time, each strip was regular as clockwork until today.

    As of Tuesday 13th January 2009 the Guest Strip Project failed in its mission. It wanted to carry on a regular strip through different artists and raise as much money to the Make-A-Wish International Foundation as possible. This has always been its goal and unfortunately we have failed.

    Via email, Rouse-Deane informs us that GSP raised $84 (sadly, I don’t think that’s a typo) for the Make-A-Wish International Foundation through ad revenue and book sales, and that the direct link to the Make-A-Wish Foundation on the site was visited 106 times. Still, every little bit helps. It was a hell of a thing for Rouse-Deane to try, and it’s too bad that the full year didn’t get filled. Go give the archive a read, and if you like even the occasional strip here and there, toss a couple of bob to MAWIF.

  • Finally, The Flowfield Unity takes a shot at rhyming slang. Very clever stuff, and I’ll tell you this much — I’m going to use the word berk much more than I have in the past, now that I know its origin.

Although I contributed to the Guest Strip Project and support its goals, I think it’s an inefficient design.

A few original art auctions from some of those of us who contributed would’ve generated a lot more money for a lot less work.

[…] second, which got Comics Worth Reading’s Johanna Draper Carlson and Fleen’s Gary Tyrrell up in arms, is much more obvious: the gal in the middle is not wearing any pants. A cheeky move. […]

Not to rag on what was a very worthy effort, but the Guest Strip Project also became very senseless very quickly. It just wasn’t worth reading, even for a good cause.

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