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I Guess The Broken Nav Button Wasn’t Too Big A Concern After All

Major redesign today at what is now merely “Starslip” without the “Crisis” — complete with new, sleeker character designs (they already appear to be more facially expressive), which only makes sense since they’re in a completely different universe and all. Now we just have to wonder what the big, three-glowy-bits thing at the bottom of Friday’s strip was. It kind of looks like a cross between a Starslip arch, the 2001 space fetus, and one of the Bone cousins.

So despite the fact that I told you all to go to Danielle Corsetto’s New Jersey signing this past Saturday, I’d completely spaced on it myself because I’m an idiot. Until, that is, lazing around my home on Saturday early afternoon, reading Jennie Breeden‘s The Devil’s Panties volume 2 and hitting page 183 where Jennie recounts meeting Danielle at a convention and getting her picture taken with the giant McPedro.

Crap! I exclaimed, and quickly finished a number of household chores I’d been putting off. Then I raced up to Kenilworth, and had a grand time with Danielle until the snow forced the signing to conclude early; if you tried to come by after about 4:30, Danielle feels really bad about it.

Because I forgot my camera (cf: idiot, above), I didn’t get any pictures with Ms Corsetto, and because I already had her two books signed & sketched, nothing new there either. But because Ms Breeden fortuitously left room at the bottom of page 183, Ms Corsetto was kind enough to do a sketch in that space. You’ll have to pick up a copy of DPvol2 to figure out why cartoon Danielle is shocked at her own previous behavior.

Confidential to RS3 in MA: Happy Birthday, and also apparently to PM in Sweden. In fact, Happy Birthday to each and every webcomicker — much like race horses are all assumed to have a birthday of 1 January, I’m declaring 12 January the Official Birthday of webcomickers who are not Jon Rosenberg. Hooray!

For webcomicers whose real true birthday is Jan 12th, add Kaja Foglio.

Dammit! It’s hardly ever my birthday.

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