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Infinite Canvas That Even E. B-White Would Approve Of

Okay, that’s really beyond clever, given the past little bit in Starslip Crisis has led us to confront the possibility of a ‘slip going bad. Anybody besides me worried by the broken navigation button that’s visible about halfway down on the right edge? Oh, and while this piece of beauty is presently at the main Starslip page, by next week it may be visible here instead. Now go look at it some more.

  • After a seemingly interminable delay, both Gunnerkrigg Court and The Devil’s Panties have their new books in comics shops (and my house). The quality of Tom Siddell’s work in Gunnerkrigg Court: Orientation is especially apparent, and it caused a vetern comic-shop clerk to go “Oooh, what’s this?” and “I have to buy this now” while I was being rung up.

    Here’s hoping that both books are a big damn success for Siddell and Jennie Breeden, as I don’t want to wait forever for the inevitable next volumes (not wanting to be at the mercy of a publisher Breeden is already taking orders for a self-published Book 3, which should see release in about a month).

  • David Malki !‘s interview is now up at The Sound Of Young America (and will likely be part of this week’s radio broadcast), and it’s good listenin’. And for those of you able to lay your hands on the print edition of The Onion, there’s an extra-special Wondermark bonus in this week’s issue (if you’re gonna get cut with the rest of the comcis page, why not run a coupon for 10% everything in the Wondermark Goodsery?
  • So David Morgan-Mar has been doing some pretty simple strips for more than a week now, but has obviously been using the time to work on today’s annotation (make sure you have the annotations turned on, and cookies enabled). It’s an essay and an exercise in something like natural philosophy (which is what they used to call science) starting on the topic of “black” and ending up with how we know all about the stars around us. Between this and the latest podcast of Radiolab, I am feeling pretty damn edjumacated right about now.

    I suspect it may also have some bearing on the color shift we’ve seen since New Year’s Eve — things are getting cooler in the 14 themes, possibly down to about, oh, 2.725K or so. You know, the sort of thing that might happen when, say, a new universal reality is sudden assembled. And since that little thought brings us suspiciously back to what’s happening at Starslip, I’ll wrap it up here. Have a great weekend.

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