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Whew — caught up on the backlog, or nearly so. Let’s get contemporary with our news items.

re: Daisy Owl’s creator, i found on the donation page:

Daisy Owl is free. I do it because I love it. If I were able to make a living off it, I could update much more often.

There is no pressure to pay anything, but anything you give will be greatly appreciated.

– Ben Driscoll

Re: Daisy Owl

The creator’s name is Ben Driscoll. And I only found that out through some advanced googling. I also agree about the compulsive read-through; I was reading it at work and the site went down halfway through the archives and I was like, CRISIS!


Thanks for sharing Daisy Owl. This is one of those comics that come along, instantly win you over with the fun to read dialog, and makes me want to give up!

Daisy Owl is really fantastic. There’s something very charming and natural about it! Thanks for sharing.

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