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When I Said Things Would Start Happening Again On The Fifth, I Didn’t Mean It All Had To Happen Today

We’ll come back to some of it tomorrow. For now, a portion of what broke over the weekend:

  • Matt Boyd of Three Panel Soul did an interview with MC Frontalot, the rapper laureate of webcomics.
  • Once upon a time, I asked Jon Rosenberg why, if he was going to do Goats four days a week (instead of the more usual three or five), was it Monday – Thursday? Why not Mon-Tue-Thur-Fri, so that the three-day drought between the last installment of one week and the first of the next was only two days? His answer: I drink on Thursday nights, rendering Friday comics unlikely at best.

    Welp, he’s got a house and a child now, and is prepping up three books for release with a major publishing house, and he’s no longer drinking only on Thursdays. As a result of not wanting to die, he’s been forced to cut back to a three days a week schedule, which is really a bargain when you consider that I originally asked my question (v.s.) in the era of single-row, black and white strips instead of the multi-row, color extravaganzas we get these days.

  • Hey, do you like things that are fancy? How about webcomics that have new, more functional site designs, including improved archiving tools and resurrected forums? Then check out the new/improved Theater Hopper, which features all of these (and more!) as of this morning.
  • Creator sighting! Danielle Corsetto will be bringing girls and slingshots to the wilds of suburban New Jersey on Saturday, and the arctic hinterlands of Canada but a week later. Seeing as how one of these signings is only about 20 minutes up the road, I’ll be doing my best to drop by.
  • Of course, if I miss Danielle on Saturday, it’ll be just about a month before she’s back this way — New York Comic Con (having tried a pleasant Spring weekend and decided it was entirely too pleasant) returns to its February timeslot this year.

    Now, this page has griped in the past about various aspects of how NYCC has been run, but I’ll give them this bit of unqualified praise: last night I got my press credentials for the show with absolutely zero hassle. It was the easiest credentialling I’ve ever been through, driven almost entirely by the question, Have you been here as Press before? with an affirmative answer resulting in Okay, here you go. It took all of two minutes, and every big con needs to adopt this model.

    Keeping with my current very good mood regarding NYCC, I’ll note that webcomics will likely have a pretty significant presence, with the lovely Ms Corsetto, Comics Bakery, various Dumbrellites, at least some Halfpixellians, a Canadian or two, and a couple of obscure guys from Seattle all rumored to be in attendance. The NYCC home page also features an advert from Disney’s children’s book group featuring a purple guy with webcomicky roots.

    Programming for the Con isn’t up yet, but the ICv2 Graphic Novel Conference taking place the day before looks promising, with the first session devoted to “Comics on the Web”, which sounds a mite familiar. See you there?

[…] there as press before, it’s a very different system this year. For reference, here’s something I wrote in 2009 (back when the show was in February instead of its present […]

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