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It’ll Be Monday Before Everybody’s Back To Making Webcomics

So I’m extremely grateful to Lore Sjöberg, who has decided to make January a month that overflows with comics. Like a cornucopia. Or something:

There’s a little cutback over at Wired way, and for the foreseeable future I’m going to be providing a video every other week instead of every week.

Looking on the somewhat brighter side, this frees up more time to do other things! I was thinking to myself “I wonder if I can update Bad Gods every weekday in January.” Then I realized that’s what George Orwell would have called “loserthink,” if he had written a teen comedy instead of a biting political satire. So instead I’m asking the question “What happens when I update Bad Gods every weekday in January”?

Keep checking Bad Gods, you’ll see new material constantly emerging like pups from an extremely gravid prairie dog.

Gosh, with a mental image like that, how can you say no? It’s Monster Manual Comix for the meantime, but I have hopes of more Lore Brand Comics (which, curiously enough, don’t seem to show up at Lore Brand Comics). Regardless, be sure to click on the “Notes” link below each ‘toon; it’ll bring you up the equivalent of a very short director’s commentary.

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