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The Year In Webcomics, 2008 (part two)

For those of you who missed part one, what follows is a list of what webcomickry I personally found interesting enough to lay down American cash money. Last time it was books, this time it’s other merch, and once again ’tis items I paid for in 2008 regardless of actual release date.

Original Strips That Gary Liked Enough To Buy In 2008

Other Visual Arts That Gary Liked Enough To Buy In 2008

Items That Gary Commissioned

Miscellaneous Stuffs That Don’t Fit Into Another Category, But Gary Liked Them Anyway

Original Strip That Was Bought For Gary As A Birthday Present Because He Has The Best Wife In The World

Barring any last-minute purchases, that should take care of 2008. My resolution for 2009: Stop trying to support this nascent artistic movement single handed, but first let me see if any of those laser robots are still available.

Edit to add: Dammit, I knew I’d forget something. I just realized that I wrote out this post while drinking from my Pub Stub pint glasses, which were obtained in 2008. Come to think of it, I probably forgot to include them because I was drinking from them.

Dig that January 16 Sheldon, Gary. Makes my Swedish-loving heart hop.

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