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The Year In Webcomics, 2008 (part one)

It’s that time of year, when those who follow [fill in the blank] produce list of the [best | worst] examples of [fill in the blank] of the year. This year, I’m going to take a slightly different tack; this is not a list of the [integer] Best Webcomics or Top [integer] Webcomics Stories of the year.

Webcomics, like all other forms of artistic endeavour, and a matter of taste. If you like it, it’s good. If you don’t like it, it’s not so good. If you like it enough to spend money on it, it’s really damn good and a creator loves you in proportion to your financial largesse. So we’ll be breaking down what I thought was good enough to spend money on this year, which is representative of nothing more than my personal tastes; map them to yours as you wish. And before somebody points it out, even this is a flawed model, since my purchases tend toward certain items (original art) and away from others(bumper stickers). Finally, we’ll note that these aren’t necessarily books first published in 2008, just ones that I bought in 2008.

Webcomics Books That Gary Liked Enough To Buy In 2008

Books That Gary Would Have Spent Money On In 2008 But The Authors Kindly Gave Him A Free Copy

Book That Gary Can’t Count In Either Of The Prior Two Categories Because He Contributed To It

Books That Don’t Tie Directly To Webcomics But Are By Webcomics Creators And Worthy Of Your Consideration

Books That Rumor Has It Are Alleged To Be Released Next Week And Thus May Sneak Into Calendar Year 2008

Book That Gary Wishes Would Get Made Someday Because He Would Totally Buy It

That’s it for now — stay tuned for other year-end content in the coming days.

By any chance, does anyone know of any webcomic artists that have made a calendar I could buy for the upcoming year? My Hothead Paisan calendar is ending, and I’d love to support another artist in this way.

[…] those of you who missed part one, what follows is a list of what webcomickry I personally found interesting enough to lay down […]

LadyIconoclast: In part two, Gary mentions the Wondermark 2009 Calendar. Might be up your alley?

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