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No Slush, But Freakin’ Cold Out

The kind of cold where you come in, and you can’t talk easily because your cheeks are too stiff to move on your face and your ears ache all the way into your skull? Bleah. Time for a warm corner and a warming drink and warm thoughts.

There are, of course, few places warmer than a working kitchen, and it appears that Liz Cusack Greenfield has found a kitchen to work in. “Less time for comics” is the downside for you and me, but “Don’t have to run an internet store any more” is the upside for Liz. To celebrate, it’s a closing-up-shop sale at the Stuff Sucks Boutique — get your orders in now, because come the first of the year, it’s shuttered for good. She does hold out the possibility of more comics and drawings in the future, so wish really hard on that Christmas star that she continues to share her artwork with us all.

And what’s a warmer thought that a wedding, in any event? Courtesy of Matt Boyd (the writerly half of Three Panel Soul), please enjoy his comments at the wedding of Ian McConville (the arterly half) and Jess Weigand this past weekend:

As a man named Ray Smuckles once said “Just put the symbolic ring on. The real ring went on basically when you met.

Fleen congratulates the happy couple, and marvels that Boyd managed to work a requested Achewood quote into his speech without referring to the bride as a vittles bitch.

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