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Don’t Tell My Wife, But I Still Have A Lot Of Shopping To Do

Fortunately, I have a ready guide to gifts in hard times courtesy of Chris Onstad. Now that the Great Outdoor Fight book tour is wrapped, hopefully he’ll have time to continue making and writing about sandwiches.

Mailbag Quickies:

  • Animated holiday card from The Wannabe Pirates.
  • Open auditions for new members through the end of December at webcomics collective SpiderForest
  • New chapter and some pages to go with it at Kitty Hawk. ‘Bout eight weeks back I wrote that Kitty Hawk’s several-pages-per-weekly-update model would likely let the story evolve in a FreakAngels-like fashion. Since then, I have decided that:
    1. It’s a bit more … not episodic exactly, but composed largely of brief vignettes
    2. Like FreakAngels, I enjoy reading this one occasionally, with multiple updates giving me plenty of pages to pore over

    Pop over and see how you like it.

I think Freakangels has given many story-led webcomics to consider that route too.

It allows a better flow I find, I’ve been considering it myself too :D

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