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Today There’s News, And Then More News

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Brian “Box” Brown, who has just been awarded a Xeric grant. To quote from their webpage, the Xeric grant is awarded by the Xeric Foundation, which:

[A]ssists comic book creators with some of the costs in self-publishing their work. It is not the Foundation’s intention to fully support an artist/writer through the entire process of self-publishing, but rather to encourage creators to experience the learning process involved in working towards such a goal.

Brown tells me that the grant is the outcome of some longer stories (6 to 10 pages) that he started doing for Top Shelf 2.0 earlier this year; after a while, he’s got 50 or 60 pages, and an application in with the Xeric Foundation. If all goes well, this will lead to the publication of a 96 page book of stories, Love is a Peculiar Type of Thing in the Spring of 2009. Most impressive about this: Brown tells me he only applied for the grant three months ago — that’s a fast turnaround.

In other news, creators looking for an alternative to ADSDAQ got another option today, courtesy of Joey Manley, Kentucky Colonel:

Today, ComicSpace LLC announced that it has launched Webcomics World, an advertising network for webcomics and
comics bloggers.

Be sure to check out the cartoonified Manley in the pitch to advertisers; even if this venture were to flame out by close of business today (and to be perfectly clear, that ain’t happening), the entire endeavour would be worthwhile just for producing that smiling mascot. He’s so cute!

In any event, list of associated clients available for your perusal, and with this launch, the new Comic Space is starting the baby steps towards Aduz. Now we find out how the targeted advertising game works in a bum economy — and the good news is if it works now, it’s got nowhere to go but up.

Great news about Box Brown. He does great work, and is so deserving of this award.

Thanks for posting about Webcomics World. I’ll be interested in seeing what big name advertises they can obtain.

[…] related news, Brown informs us that he’s been told that Diamond will not hold Xeric winners to their new order minimums, so you should be able to actually purchase Love Is A Peculiar […]

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