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A Day Full Of A

A: AppleGeeks vol1 is up for preorders via Dark Horse (although please note that release is not scheduled until May 2009). The book covers the first two years of the strip (ranging from here to approximately here), plus a new bonus story.

A: Alien Loves Predator has made a fairly consistent return from hiatus, and the latest entry in the ongoing story of the wacky roomies is as loving a tribute to New York City as ever Bernie Hou has produced. ALP has always had a spot in our hearts here at Fleen, being one of the first strips we talked about way back at launch. Welcome back, Abe and Preston.

A: Amy Chilton, from the cover of the forthcoming seventh Scary Go Round book, shows the softcore pornmeisters at American Apparel how it’s done.

thanx to you I found AppleGeeks ;) Will swing by more often.

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