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Man, It’s Quiet Today

I’d be willing to be that if I went back through the three years of Fleen postings and looked at all the days that absolutely nuthin was happening in webcomics, the majority of them would be Thursdays.

But here’s an item of some interest: while the MoCCA website lists the 2009 Art Fest dates (6 and 7 June), it says that registration and venue are “coming soon”. But Raina Telgemeier (whom all and sundry should both love and trust) is reporting today that the 2009 MoCCA show will be shifting from the Puck Building to the 69th Regiment Armory, which is no stranger to art shows.

No idea what the space inside is like, although I believe it’s probably got more room than the Puck Building. If you’ve not exhibited at MoCCA before (or have been unable to get space), keep your eye on the MoCCA website … I’d guess they’ll be able to accomodate more people this year. And while the Armory isn’t in SoHo, 26th & Lex isn’t a bad neighborhood for cool stuff at all. See you there in six months or so.

By the way, you know that every MoCCA inevitably leads to webcomickers in search of karaoke, right? And in case you hadn’t seen it, Dr McNinja creative team members Chris Hastings and Carly Monardo apparently get to sing karaoke with their buddy Bill Murray. Lucky little so-and-sos.

Hi Gary,
Thanks for the great plug!
We will have information regarding “MoCCA Fest-2009” on our website site soon. Please stayed tooned. (sorry I could not resist the pun)


Ellen S. Abramowitz
Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art – MoCCA
594 Broadway
New York, NY 10012

Oh, cool! That’s, like, right next to SVA! That can only improve attendance.

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