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We Have A Weiner!

Dammit, I suck. The news of the new Webcomic Idol entirely slipped by me:

This years winner of the Webcomic Idol contest is Simulated Comic Product, congratulations and welcome to Bomb Shelter Comics.

As for Shi Long Pang, you left all of our judges very impressed. From the way the comic is executed, to your ability to incorporate constructive criticism into your strips so quickly. You put up one heck of a fight.

But at least I won’t miss a second milestone. Ladies and gentlemens, we’re coming up on 1000 updates of The Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge. From Grinder Mike Payne

[The Challenge] began February 28, 2005 with 56 contestants. On December 26, 2008, the nine of us remaining in the hunt for the prize money will hit our 1,000th update.

This means different things to different creators–I mean, Brad Guigar, Andrew Rothery and Ryan Smith were doing their comics before the contest started, and Guigar and Smith ended those comics during the contest only to start up new ones without missing a day. Edward J. Grug III has done many different stories as his daily entries and is now the regular artist for T Campbell’s Sketchies, while I’ve been posting two pages a day in my continuing storyline and am therefore approaching 2,000 pages of comics!

Holy Crap. Seriously, what more needs to be said?

Oh noes! I ended my tenure on Sketchies yesterday!

Thanks for the link though!

Actually, so did T!

The new line-up is Phil Kahn (co-creator) and new artist Jason Sigala.

Pride compels me to note publicly that I washed out of the Grind not by missing a day – which AKOTAS hasn’t, before the Grind or since – but by violating the single-panel rule.

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