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That Is Today’s Sentence

Mike Krahulik, on you don’t really want to knowI should also probably look into the legal ramifications of posting underage pastry porn.

  • Speaking of Penny Arcade, I was perusing the Comic Shop News (that free newsletter deal at your friendly local comic shop) holiday gift guide when a particular line jumped out at me:

    … there is a whole genre of comic strip that is located online, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find collections at your local comic shop. … Penny Arcade is another popular book that Image as picked up … [emphasis mine]

    Egregious misuse of the word “genre” aside, this surprised me, as I’d heard nothing about PA moving to Image. In fact, it surprised PA business tycoon Robert Khoo when I wrote to ask him about it, so we safely conclude that CSN got the story wrong, especially given current product announcements.

  • Speaking of holidays and Penny Arcade (or at least their annual Child’s Play initiative), the Webcomic Holiday Postcard Fundraiser returns this year with a half-dozen creators and all proceeds to Child’s Play (which has by now all but surely passed $750,000 in a down economy).
  • Speaking of big dollar figures, The Great ADSDAQ Purge of Aught-Eight continues apace, with scarce a webcomicker left standing. Reports would now seem to indicate that the phenomenon isn’t limited to webcomics, which maybe just means that ADSDAQ is in a general retrenchment and cutting affiliates based on snap judgements (Comic strip? Gone! Blog — nothing that catches my eye in two seconds? Gone!).

    This does hold out the possibility that once cooler heads prevail, some of the now-dead accounts may be reinstated (Oh, wait, that webcomic actually provided out advertisers with a mountain of click-throughs, we should get them back.), but in the meantime the very clumsy way that it was handled by ADSDAQ has surely left some feeling of having been burned by The Man.

    It also is presumed at this time that ADSDAQ will pay all monies owed for the ads that they did deliver to their now-cancelled accounts. Should we at Fleen hear that webcomickers aren’t getting paid for all their eyeballs up to cancellation, we will be sure to let you know.

  • Finally, speaking of corporations behaving in a less-than-sterling manner, Jess Fink once again can’t catch a break. I am this close to sending you, my loyal minions, to burn down the malls and salt the earth where once they stood so that the likes of Forever 21 never rise up again. In the meantime, you know what to do (remember, it’s Forever 21 that needs feel your wrath this time, not Hot Topic).

“This does hold out the possibility that once cooler heads prevail, some of the now-dead accounts may be reinstated.”

Doubtful. Their second e-mail to me said, “Domain(s) declined will not be reconsidered for placement in the exchange.”

On the ADSDAQ front, I had put in a request for them to review my site for possible inclusion as a publisher something like a month or two ago and just today received my rejection email.

It said I was declined because my content was not approved, and one of the reasons it listed was:

*Domain has a high volume of graphics and images such as anime or comic strips

So yeah it sounds like they just aren’t doing comics anymore.

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