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Speaking Of …

Amazing how one thought leads to another somtimes.

  • After an absence of nearly a year, Maura came back to Clango having lost some weight. Yet today she appears to be back to her old self (which make no mistake, was a horrible, horrible person). While it’s true that Rich Stevens is capricious and lives by whim, he doesn’t call do-over with his characters without a lot more logic than what we’ve seen so far today. I’m thinking evil twin or evil robot. Or evil robot twin.
  • Speaking of Rich Stevens, he’s been getting some merch play on TV, along with fellow creators Jon Rosenberg and Ryan North; courtesy of North’s blogpost [no permalink]:

    I also wanted to thank everyone who let me know that Dinosaur Comics stuff is showing up in the background of the new season of The IT Crowd! There’s tons of webcomics stuff there if you keep your eyes peeled: I spotted Rich and Jon and myself and that was only in the first five minutes! If you get a chance to watch this show, I really recommend it. Last season’s opening episode (“The Work Outing”) was a perfect 22 minutes of television, I think.

    And Jeph Jacques apparently sighted Stevens’s Bacon is a Vegetable shirt on basic cable last night. This is the year webcomics storms the breaches and topples the dominant vendors of legible clothing from their mall-fattened thrones, my friends.

  • Speaking of TV, the Too Art for TV gallery show kicks off tomorrow evening in Brooklyn, featuring Fleen Fave™ Carly Monardo. Alas, life prevents me from attending, so if you’re there, tell Carly I said hi.
  • Speaking of people who are cool, do you like things that are fancy and durable? Do you like helping creators and children? Looking for a last-minute Holiday gift? Then check out the stores at Templar, AZ (where Spike has a blowout sale going — Templar vol 1 is going for as little as five bucks!) and Planet Saturday (where Monty & Kelli Stevens Kane are donating a dollar for every book sold to provide health care to uninsured children). Note for non-USA American readers: Here in Freedomonia, uninsured means No health care for you, so suffer you poor bastard. Our system is built this way for reasons of not being stinky communists and this makes us right with God. Just so we’re clear. Depending on your creator’s shipping deadline, you’re running shy on days to get your swag before your holiday of choice, so get crackin’.

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