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On Hosting, With Your Host, Kris Straub

You may have heard about hosting difficulties that beset webcomics and and around Thanksgiving. Meredith Gran found herself cut off at the knees and having to shift sites on pretty much zero notice (not the first time this has happened to her, if memory serves — curse her ever-increasing readership!).

Then the PvP forums (hosted by Kris Straub under the umbrella of the Halfpixel hosting) found themselves on the chopping block for the crime of consuming too many CPU cycles (and secondarily, containing too exemplars of John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory), with some discussions migrating to other fora, and others finding their own home.

It’s never pretty when these kinds of crises require a site owner/creator to scramble to find alternate solutions, so Straub has a handy primer on getting ahead of the CPU curve over at Go check out his mailsack for all the dirt. Short form — you may not be consuming excess resources now, but you will someday. Best get yourself optimized while you have the time to do so all leisurely-like.

In other news:

  • A little late on my part, but the webcomicker cameo meme continued at Weregeek for the strip’s second anniversary.
  • Now here’s how you promote a book: Ray Friesen has a mess o’ cartoons up at Don’t Eat Any Bugs. He also has a book, Cupcakes of DOOM! (which, I’m reliably told, features sword fights aplenty, parrots, penguins, sea serpents, a treasure hunt or two, and all sorts of other piratey shenanigans), coming Real Soon Now:

    I’m running a special promotion where the first 50 preorders get a free page of original art from the book, suitable for framing or accidentally dropping behind the couch.

    I’m hoping that Friesen isn’t under-valuing his originals, but if you take a look at his work and decide you like it, it’s hard to beat that opportunity right there. I’m wondering how I can convince some of my favorite creators to replicate this tactic. In any event, check out CoD!‘s first chapter and decide if $12.95 + S&H is too much to ask for original art pages (answer: “No.”).

  • Reminder: The Guest Strip Project has simultaneously:
    1. Hit 100 strips
    2. Started the December Donationathon — 31 strips in 31 days
    3. Put the Kid’s Book Project on special for only £4, with all money going straight towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation

    As always, the call for guest strips is open, and coordinator Mike Rouse-Deane would be happy to slot you in for one of the remaining days in the year-long project.

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