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A Few Links For You

So my niece Colleen attends the Savannah College of Art & Design, where she studies art history and is busy with her thesis (I keep telling her she needs to do a thesis in the form of a daguerreotype fumetti, but she keeps going on about not wanting to die from exposure to dangerous chemicals). We got to talking comics during the run-up to Thanksgiving.

I introduced her to the finest in sci-fi art criticism, and she complained that she burned three hours trawling the Starslip Crisis archives before having to leave to enjoy food with the rest of us whiteys. In return, she pointed me to three friends whose work I now share with you:

The portfolio of Jon Chadurjanijhadistan … to be honest I’ve known the guy for four years and I have no idea how to spell his last name. His longest running project is “Robot Dave”. [Editor’s note: Jon Chad has graduated SCAD and now teaches silk screening and bookmaking at the Center for Cartoon Studies, which he describes as a dream job.]

Becky Driestadt. Everything she does is beautiful, and usually involves forest critters. [Editor’s note: there’s hints of Owly in Driestadt’s work, and I like it!]

Ned Hugar, my roommate and best friend. He’s an acquired taste, but I love him. To be honest I don’t quite get Cats Jetson, but his Urban Buzz project is really cool. [Editor’s note: I’m picking up … not sure I’d use the word ‘influences’, but echoes of Kurtz, Krahulik, and Gran in the art and animation design, and definitely influences of John K because the guy is inescapable.]

Enjoy, and see you all in December.

Your link for Jon Chadurjanijhadistan is messed up. Thanks for the links btw.

A big special thanks from my starving artist friends! I think I’ll retool my thesis to explore how Hogarth’s “Harlot’s Progress” might be different if he lived in a time of 24 hour news channels.

Wow, these cats are totally cool! Awesome!

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