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I’m Thankful I’m Not On List 3A

If I don’t miss my count, this makes a total of two Team Force Alpha strips in two years. Ironically, this is not the worst update schedule in webcomics.

  • News from across the Atlantic: pre-orders soon on the new Planet Karen book. Karen Ellis has put herself out there in her autobio journal, and the strip is one of the really good new voices of the past year or so. You’re not working tomorrow, so take a trawl through the archives; if you like what you see, watch this space for news of the orders opening.
  • Speaking of books and preorders, Danielle Corsetto‘s Girls With Slingshots vol 2 is now available. Buy with vol 1 and get a discount! Hey, Danielle, next time you’re in New Jersey, I got an awesome bar to share with you — they make drinks interesting and strong.
  • Trust Jennie Breeden to quote Georgia state jurisprudence on a … pressing topic. This made me giggle out loud.
  • Finally, nothing to do with webcomics, but this is too funny not to share with you. Happy (non-Canadian) Thanksgiving, everybody.

Confidential to Noz-Eezin’ in the Hudson Valley: I’m six years older, how do you think I feel? Happy Birthday.

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