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This Sort Of Thing Could Be Interpreted In Certain Corners As An Act Of Aggression

The various half-baked personages behind mezzacotta (including, one should note, Dr David Morgan-Mar, PhD, LEGOTM) appear to have set themselves a new goal: launch as many new webcomics in as short a period of time as is physically possible. Thus, two new contributions to the genre this week: Square Root of Minus Garfield and Lightning Made of Owls.

SROMG is seeking to use a different mechanism for messing with Garfield strips in each offering. Thus, strip #1 offers Garfield in haiku form and #2 gives us a multiplicity (two, actually) of Garfields. There is no strip #3 yet, but my guess is that the mezzacottans can keep this up for quite a while before they get bored and/or run out of Garfield permutations.

LMOO is a user-driven project. Given the characters supplied (which may be redrawn as desired, so long as certain key identifiers are kept), do yourself up a single-panel strip on anything and submit it. Into the queue it goes, and hey presto! You’re on the internets. Okay, it’s a little more complicated than that, but not much.

Speaking of Australia (which we were, considering the mezzacotta conspiracy are from Oz), there’s a webcomic I’ve been following for a little while now that has built up enough content that I can share it with you. Home Time Bell is about six kids walking home from school one summer day in Australia.

I particularly like the stylistic conceit that creator Campbell Whyte sometimes employs where he shifts perspective out-of-plane on the 2D world of the comic, giving us a new POV on the world.

On the other hand, Home Time Bell lacks a decent navigation system, so if you’re going to read it, let me save you some time and point you to the first strip. Otherwise, your only alternative is to start from the home page and hit “previous” until you get to the beginning, then work your way forward again.

Yeah the lack of navigation options at Home Time is pretty annoying. But I’m pretty impressed with what they’ve managed to pull off in designing their site entirely in Blogger.

One tiny correction on Lightning Made of Owls: we’ll accept multi-panel strips too! It’s just the first couple of strips have both been single panel. The next one in the queue is multi-panel. :-)

(But thanks for the reportage! The cheque is in the mail…)

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