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The Worst Rockstar Millionaires

Considering that I’m not really a gamer, it’s a bit peculier how very funny I find Penny Arcade. In fact, Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins could each kick me repeatedly in the beanbag, and it still wouldn’t counterbalance the intense pleasure I get from contemplating carrot cake soup.

When you’re in the position of being arguably the most influential webcomic in a rapidly growing medium, when your efforts keep (at last report) a dozen-odd people on payroll, and you reach a milestone like ten years of updates, it’s time to kick back and celebrate bad-ass style:

Also, Penny Arcade turns 10 years old today. We’re going to the Olive Garden!

-Gabe out

I’m reminded of a blog post by Ed Roberston of Barenaked Ladies in a tour blog — a friend from back home was hanging with him in LA for a few days, and had apparently expected a non-stop whirl of parties, playmates, and papparazi. Instead, it was evenings of pizza and Playstation, afternoons on the golf course, and a final summation: You guys are the worst millionaire rock stars ever. Jerry and Mike, thank you for being the worst millionaire rock stars of webcomics, and thanks for the laughs.

In other news:

  • Ever notice how you never see Howard Tayler and Jerry Holkins in the same place at the same time? Mighty supsicious if’n you ask me. Anyway, “Howard” gave a keynote address in August to the Utah Open Source Conference on “The Free Content Business Model”, which for “Tayler” means webcomicking as a business with actual numbers. A 33 minute long video of the session is now available, and likely of interest to anybody that’s trying to make internet scribbling their livelihood.
  • New interview with Greg Carter at Palace in the Sky Webcomic News, on the whys and wherefores of his vampire epic. Also, Carter, Gina Biggs, and James Burns will be on the webcomics panel at 4pm on Saturday at Altanta Supercon.
  • URL alert! A site redesign means that Krishna Sadasivam’s PC Weenies has shifted from a .net to a .com address. Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

Nena Di of Heard has been added to the webcomic panel at Atlanta Supercon.

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