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There’s not so much going on in webcomics and I’m running on way too damn little sleep (I thought you had to have young children to be this tired during the day), so this is gonna be quick.

  • Because I’ll probably forget next week: Happy 2990th Stripaversary to Tatsuya Ishida’s Sinfest. That’s a lot of damn strips.
  • Webcomics Idol down to four — Soul Driver out; Lawn Darts, Marooned, Shi Long Pang, and the chronically underreviewed Simulated Comic Product remain. Also, the feedback from judge Brad Guigar is an education for all who do webcomics. Check out this thread for a prime example. It’s a testament to this year’s Final Four that I can’t decide who should move forward and who should be dropped at this point. Well done, all.
  • And just because it’s got the angriest-looking characters in all of comic-shop themed webcomics (an estimated 12.84% of the total medium), props to Capes & Babes on hitting a year of strips today. Now scowl for the camera and say “Grrrr!”
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