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Speaking Of Front’s New Album

My buddy Lore got all inspired by the Wil Wheaton guest appearance where he busts mad rhymes. Seafood hiphop for life, homes.

Now for the real news: somebody in the hierarchy of syndication has taken note of one of the bright stars of webcomics — indeed, she might be described as the nexus of all webcomics reality — Shaenon Garrity and Jeffrey Well’s Skin Horse has been picked up by GoComics:

Garrity is the creator of numerous webcomics, including the critically acclaimed online comic strip Narbonic. Skin Horse, cowritten by Garrity and Wells and drawn by Garrity, has been running daily since January. Starting this week, it will also run on GoComics.

Skin Horse follows the staff of Project Skin Horse, a secret government organization dedicated to the protection of America’s nonhuman citizens: robots, beast-men, zombies, and other neglected products of mad science. The organization’s field agents are Sweetheart, a no-nonsense talking dog; Unity, a patchwork Frankenstein girl; and Tip, a cross-dressing psychologist and the team’s token human. The comic is both a gag strip and a serial comic with ongoing story arcs.

GoComics is the online distribution portal for uclick and Andrews McMeel Universal.

It’s also the home of such excellent webbish offerings as We The Robots and C’est la Vie. In the past, the semi-syndication offered by the big content companies via their websites was held out as a sort of stepping stone to print syndication, but that seems to have stalled — Little Dee, Boy on a Stick, Sheldon, and others had been offered that possibility of transition to the newspapers, the the leap is far and perilous and many elements of it are inimicable to webcartoonist tendencies.

But Ms Garrity is a smart cookie, one of the best scholars we have on indy comics, webcomics, manga, and the batshit insanity that goes with them. Presumably, she and Mr Wells have consulted carefully with those who are able to give good counsel, and have decided that this is a deal where the risks are outweighed by the rewards; we at Fleen hope that they achieve all that they aim to in this venture (and certainly, it should result in a few more eyeballs over at Skin Horse’s own site).

Also to be seen: like most of the content company portals, GoComics only allows the non-subscriber to go back a few weeks in the archives, so it’s not known how a those who love their newspaper comics enough to pony up the dough will react to the … not quite so family-friendly content that occasionally (and hilariously) makes it way into Skin Horse. Here’s hoping that those who stumble upon such content and are shocked — shocked, I say! — find their perception of comics a little wider than it was before.

Well done, Shaenon and Jeffrey. Knock their socks off.

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