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Can’t Talk … Voting

Making the rounds — a question from Rick Marshall (tireless promoter of cool things and friend to children everywhere) to various webcomic creators: Who would your characters vote for? Answers so far from Rene Engström and R Stevens in their LiveJournals, and by the time you read this, Marshall should have a collection of responses at his blog. Oh, and Rick? Keep coming up with cool ideas like this one before I have a chance to, and I’m bringing back the Sleestak references. Just sayin’.

  • The official rapper of webcomics sees his new CD shipping today; those of you that pre-ordered have probably been enjoying the downloaded tracks, but I’m a physical artifact kind of guy. That’s why I’m extremely pleased that The Front slid me a disk a few weeks back and I’m loving it. Bear in mind — I’m a suburb-livin’ white guy who can no longer deny that he’s in his forties, and thus not the prime audience for hip-hop of any sort. But Final Boss (like its predecessors) has earned its spot in heavy rotation for my commute — the only thing that makes me feel better about facing the working day than Front is Radio Lab, and Jad & Robert don’t rap.
  • Hey, webcomicker! Ever wish you could bend the ear of an entertainment lawyer? Joey Manley wants to hear from you. Expressed by the Colonel:

    Over the next few months, I will be doing a series of podcast/interviews with Phyllis Kaufman, a leading media/entertainment/intellectual property rights attorney here in NYC. The goal of these interviews will be to help give webcartoonists a sense of how to successfully negotiate a publishing/movie/videogame/etc. licensing deal.

    We’re still trying to figure out a structure for the set of interviews (whether we’ll take it medium by medium — a book deal podcast, a movie deal podcast — or issue by issue — or what). But I hope and expect that these interviews will be useful and meaningful.

    If you had Phyllis in the room with you, what would you ask her about this stuff? And if you have a contract that you’ve signed or are about to sign, would you be willing to share it with us (we promise never to tell anybody), so that Phyllis can speak with an understanding of the actual kinds of deals that people are having shoved at them? I’ve already shared with her the Zuda and the TokyoPop contracts, both of which are public info, but any further information we can obtain would be useful.

    Responses can go directly to Joey, whose surname is Manley, and has been known to keep an email address at the Google-based email service, which I understand is a dot-com.

Ha! The only thing I have to fear is Sleestaks themselves!

Here’s the roundup of responses thus far:

Thanks to everyone who got back to me, because they’re the REAL heroes here!

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