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Reminder: Spotty Net Access This Week

Things may be of necessity short and at random times.

  • Paul Taylor could use your good wishes — a shoulder injury has sidelined the Wapsi Square cretor for at least the next week or so. For future reference, the fact that he could even type enough to let us know that things are screwed up after a reduction is pretty damn impressive. Feel better soon, Paul — but don’t come back to cartooning until you’re completely well.
  • You may recall that about a month ago, this page pointed readers to Robin White’s Skitzo Man webcomicking/blogging about webcomicking endeavour. At the time, White was talking a great deal about process, and coming back to webcomics after a lengthy hiatus of some years.

    Most recent in these looks back is a pondering of why the first version of Skitzo Man didn’t succeed; there’s some good analysis there, and anybody looking to succeed in webcomics ought to at least check out the thoughts of a creator who’s trying to figure out why he didn’t. For those of you looking for something a little more technique oriented, check out the video that White found about drawing with water.

  • Finally, the Great Outdoor Tour rolls on this week, with stops in Ann Arbor, Toronto, Chicago, Brooklyn, and Boston. For those of you going to the Boston appearance on Saturday, get there early — The Million Year Picnic (while convenient to mass transit) has very little space that’s not taken up with comics, so it’s gonna be tight. Those of you going to the Brooklyn signing at Rocketship, see you there.
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