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Good News From The Bakery

What’s that? Another webcomicker with a Hollywood option? News came yesterday that Agnes Quill by the prolific Dave Roman (with the help of various other creators) has been picked up for development. For those of you new to the game, Dave and his wife Raina Telgemeier are, in addition to scary-talented, two of the nicest people in indy/webcomics you’re ever likely to meet. Between this and the publication pickup of Raina’s SMILE: A Dental Drama, it’s turning out to be a very good year for the kids from Brooklyn Queens dammit I knew that, thanks for the correction, Dave.

But just so we’re all clear, this does not necessarily mean that we’re gonna get an Agnes Quill movie; it means that the producers have negotiated for the right to make such a movie. A’course, Dave gets the financial benefits of that transaction whether or not the movie is ever made (and as has been pointed out before, more than one Hollywood idea-fountain has made a tidy living by not having movies made — options that expire can be resold again and again), so everybody be happy for Dave!

While we’re on the subject, anybody notice this peculiar corinsidence? Word of the Amulet deal came around St Patrick’s Day, Last Blood got announced on April Fool’s Day, and Agnes Quill in the immediate vicinity of Halloween. Look for the next big webcomic/movie deal around Groundhog Day.

Thanks for the kind words, Gary. It’s worth noting that unlike many options Agnes already has a director and screenwriter attached, which means its’ already ahead of the comics optioning curve :)

Oh, and Raina and I represent Queens!

Congrats, Dave!

In case anyone missed it, LAST BLOOD also has a screenwriter attached:

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