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Philosophies And Dilemmas

As noted previously, Webcomics Idol 2008 is underway, with the judges weighing in on the Top Ten contestants. At this early stage of the competition, I’m personally liking Biff and returning competitor Shi Long Pang, but then again I thought that SLP would go on to the final two last year.

Answering our earlier question about the judges, it appears that Brad I don’t do portfolio reviews Guigar is Simon, and that’s a good thing. From a mechanics-of-comics standpoint, his critiques have been dead on, even when I like what he doesn’t. As a philosophical aside, can Simulated Comic Product still be called “chronically underreviewed” given that this is its second year in the WITT, and it got all the way to 3rd place last year? Discuss, then vote (and remember, you’re voting for the comic you want out).

Greg Carter (usually mentioned in conjunction with Gina Biggs edit to add: and Jennie Breeden) sends word that his webcomic, Abandon, has completed the first step of getting into print. The first issue of Abandon is now available direct from the creators, or via your local comic shop with a handy ordering coupon.

Let’s close on a moral dilemma: Kazu Kibuishi’s Copper is back, and that’s some of the best news in webcomics in about forever. On the other hand, drawing Copper means taking time from producing Amulet book 2, which makes my heart sad. With sadness. But then there’s the reason that Kibuishi decided to steal some time to update the webcomic:

A few days ago, I received an email from Charley Murdock in Virginia, in which he said he would vote for Barack Obama if I drew a new Copper strip, and that I need to keep drawing the strip, since it’s what started my career. This cracked me up and made my day. Now, nobody should vote a certain way simply because of a new Copper comic (Charley is an Obama supporter anyway and will hopefully help swing the state in his favor), but I had already been thinking about how I should continue to produce the comic regularly no matter how busy I am, or else Copper and Fred would sit by the wayside indefinitely. I couldn’t just let that happen, so I put Copper and country first!

It’s a beautifully complex piece of artwork, and in a period of time when the news is focused on doom and/or gloom, it’s got a wonderfully optimistic message. On behalf of the country, Messrs. Murdock and Kibuishi — thank you.

Slight correction – it’s “Greg Carter, usually mentioned with Gina Biggs and Jennie Breeden“(tm), thank you very much. Atlanta webcomics represent.

I thought it was Greg Carter, publisher of C∂ulhuvi∂a, and friend to the common man.

You’re thinking of Gamera, friend to all children. :P

I still prefer to refer to him as Greg Carter, man who has broken into my house before (ironically, with Gina Biggs as well).

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