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For The Record, Spotty Internet Access This Week And Next

We’ll have to see how timely updates can be. In the meantime, there’s a few things to talk about.

  • I know that just last week I mentioned that some day ten years of webcomickin’ wouldn’t be that common any longer, and here we have another. But somebody check me on this — would yesterday’s American Elf tenth anniversary strip be the first webcomic that went for ten years on a daily basis? I think it might. While we look around to see if there’s another, please enjoy the AmElf tributes that James Kochalka will be running for the next week or so. First up: if the Elf hung out with Drinky Crow, courtesy of Tony Millionaire.
  • Is it just me, or has Tatsuya Ishida become the sharpest sometimes-politcal cartoonist on the internet? He’s been doing a series of strips addressing the current political/economic climate that have been both brutally funny and devastatingly on-target, and done so with the handicap of fitting an existing cast members (with existing personality traits) into his commentary, instead of having the relative luxury of just making up one-shot characters to fit the gag o’ the day. Yesterday, he turned that eye towards the web/print divide, and lo it was good.
  • Hey, APE y’all. San Francisco is beautiful this time of year, and it’s not like you had anything better to do the weekend after Halloween except lie around in a sugar coma/hangover (depending on how you celebrate the holiday). See how many webcomics types you can find on the list of exhibitors (not on the list but to be found on the grounds: Meredith Gran). And tell me you don’t want to go see what’s on display from:

    The World of Jack T Chick [booth] 564

    Yeah, I thought so.

  • Finally, we’ve got a pulp/adventure type comic debuting at Kitty Hawk; much like Freak Angels, we’ll be getting multiple full pages per update, the better to let the story stretch its legs. Even better, the site debuted with a retroarchive going back to the end of July, so there’s enough story to get you hooked. Contacted for comment, co-creator Vincent LaBate promised “controversial sound bites”, which we at Fleen are taking to mean that LaBate is a Man of Opinions that you should be loathe to miss.

    Hop on over and enjoy the gorgeous pictures (there’s something very subtly Alex Robinsonish about the faces that really suits the characters — they look like very distinct people), then stay for the immersive story; aside from one somewhat anarchronistic ninja reference (but hey — webcomics), this one looks like a keeper.

¿Doesn’t User friendly run in a daily basis? And it turned 10 years last year. Strange, since you mentioned it last friday or thursday…

I have to say it’s just you, as far as Sinfest being politically sharp goes. Most of those comics you linked to are making 9th grade level political commentary, though I did kind of like liberty hugging Uncle Sam.

Yeah, User Friendly was 7 days a week from the get-go, I think. Wasn’t Sluggy Freelance as well?

I agree with Miles. I like Tatsuya’s drawings, but his “commentary” is pretty wearisome. The Transformers one was the best, but there’s absolutely no subtlety — just OMG corporations iz so evil.

Add my agreement to Jon and Miles – I usually love Tat’s stuff, but his recent commentary strips are painfully unfunny and show at best a sophomoric understanding of everything that’s been going on in the world of politics and economics lately. I’ve had deeper discussions with 16 year olds.

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