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Extra Update For Question Answered

Mr T announced that was for sale. For some time now, WHOIS information publicly available has listed one Robert Khoo as registrant and contact. And now it appears that ’twere the Halfpixel lads that snagged it. From the Kurtzmeister:

Dave, Brad, Kris, and myself really wanted to turn into a hub of learning and research for the young men and women who are hungry to create the next generation of comic books and comic strips.

We want to be a virtual water-cooler for anyone making an entrepreneurial effort with their artwork. We all have chosen a career without office buildings, cubicles, or job-listings in the classified sections. But we can learn from each other. And that’s what we want to be about. has an open submission policy. We’re looking for ideas, articles, columns, tips, how-to-guides, production videos, success stories, and personal anecdotes. If it helps us all learn to be better entrepreneurs, we want it on the site for others to benefit from.

We at Fleen welcome the new hub. Drop by and tell the boys I said howdy.

Penny-Arcade owns that domain. They bought it for us to use in this capacity for as long as they deem worthy.

Just keep fighting the good fight.

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