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At Some Point, Enough Webcomics Are Going To Hit Ten Years That I Stop Paying Attention When They Do

But not today. Krishna “Big K” Sadasivam hits the decade mark of PC Weenies and (ironically enough) may have to close up for being too popular and pummeling his non-dedicated server’s CPU. Show the guy some love and spread out your clicks, and maybe browse his store when it’s available again?

Meanwhile, Help Desk is updating again, with the recent computing noir storyline splitting off to its own identity and update schedule. I believe that Christopher Wright is consicentious enough to drive the PCTown story to conclusion, but it may take a while to get there.

Finally, anybody been checking out Moose Mountain? Been following this one casually since it debuted back in the summer (complete with several months of archive ready to go on day one). It’s like what Mark Trail would be, if Mark Trail didn’t suck the joy out of life every day that Mark isn’t punching out scum (which happens all too rarely). In fact, that’s all that’s missing from Moose Mountain — punching the hair off scum.

I’ll get to the end. It would take considerably less time if I were… um… a bit more talented in the art department. At the moment it’s a painfully slow process…

Wow, Mark Ricketts. What a blast from the past. Thanks for the link. Love the comic.

Sounds like I need to create a character that has some kind of beef with the Hair Club for Men. Somebody who goes around giving wig whippings to vain bald guys. Thanks for the hair-raising advice, Gary!

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