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Things Are Happening

First of all, everybody knows that it’s 24 Hour Comics Day this weekend, right? And best part is, you don’t have to travel because it’s wherever you are.

  • Hey, speaking of 24HCD, remember that guy that invented it? Knows bunch of stuff about [web]comics, drove around and talked about it for a while? Over the next few weeks, he’ll be surfacing in Bowling Green, OH, The Bronx, and Miami.
  • This New Yorker/webcartooner thing is starting to become a bigger thing. On the heels of the Sandwich Duel comes the Cartoon Off between Farley Katz and Randall Munroe. Topics:
    1. The Internet, as envisioned by the elderly
    2. String Theory
    3. 1999
    4. Your favorite animal eating your favorite food

    Below the entries (in a somewhat wonky Flash interface — it kept truncating the bottom of the cartoons in my browser), Katz has an interview with Munroe on life, xkcd, and stuff in general. In the meantime, we at Fleen anxiously await whatever rivalries Drew Dernavich and Matthew Diffee will provoke with prominent webcomickers.

  • Finally, we’re due for a new voice in the webcomics information dispersal game today. Over at The Daily Cartoonist, Alan Gardner will be running a weekly roundup of news from our corner of the medium. The first entry hasn’t launched as of this writing, but when it does, I’ll bet you’ll be able to find it here. Start hitting refresh on your browsers … now!
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