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Does Canadian Cranberry Sauce Have The Rings From The Can?

Happy Thanksgiving, Canadianaians! I understand you’re all taking the day (and some of you, the week) off. Today just feels like a day o’ miscellany, so let’s get our feet wet.

  • I know other people have pointed this out since yesterday but holy brick-throwin-mice, yesterday’s Sheldon was freakin’ beautiful. This is how you pay homage to the masters. Just check out the lettering on that puppy, and tell me that Herriman isn’t smiling in his grave.
  • Call me cynical, but I have a feeling that there’s a pretty high correlation between webcomics fans and people who read mythology for fun starting in junior high. To that underserved demographic, let me point out how much I’ve been enjoying The Miserable World of Promotheus ever since I discovered it in the aftermath of Estradarama ’08. Eternal torments/hearty laugh chuckles, both delivered by a liver-plucking eagle — what more could you ask for?
  • Was pointed to Vendable, recently. It’s about … well, let’s let the strip creators speak for themselves:

    Much like Rocky is a movie about boxing, Vendable is a webcomic about the vending machine business. Renton Hicks lives between his past in Paterson NJ and his future there, which looks like the same model of vending machine that he has to maintain everyday. The only thing that it’s stocked with isn’t particularly good for his heart. And . . . well, there’s other people who vend, and also there is Fatima Kutkin, the voice-disabled niece of the guard at the warehouse that Renton works in. She’s got a job lined up there, and is hoping for a quiet place to while away her lack of rightness. Here are their anti-adventures.

    Which, to be honest, doesn’t sound terribly promising, but I’m quite enjoying it. Haven’t read back through the 30-odd pages enough to completely formulate in my head why I like it, but I do. This bears more watching.

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