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Welp, There’s Our Answer

Mezzcotta — test-bed site for half-baked ideas:

So, the initial idea was half-baked. The countdown timer was half-baked. The €5000000 thing was half-baked. (We never expected anyone to go for it. But if they did, hey, that would have been cool.) The webcomic is half-baked. Everything about this site is half-baked. That’s what mezzacotta is.

Fleen offers condolences to David Morgan-Mar and associates that they weren’t able to get their pre-launch asking price, and we’re not too hopeful that they’ll get the post-launch price either. But hey, new webcomic! With 50 strips in the “best of” archive. And … hmmm.

Well, here’s the strip for July 13. Here’s an apparently popular strip from March 10, 1978. And it appears you can pump in any date you like, such as Oct 23, 4004 BC (when Bishop Ussher reckons the world was created), or days from September 1752 that don’t exist in English-speaking countries.

On the balance, I’d say that Mezzacotta officially has the largest archives of any webcomic in existence, and just took the continuous-updates crown from whoever had it before. No future comics are available, though, so crappy buffer. As a final note, Morgan-Mar hasn’t identified all of his cohorts in The Comic Irregulars, but I’d wager that at least one of them is named Alice.

  • In other news, Teaching Baby Paranoia‘s update today (permalink eventually here) is pretty much accurate. Readers are advised that Bryant Paul Johnson may be trying to pull a fast one.
  • Finally, I declare that round numbers are passé, so please join me in congratulating Steven “Beardy” Cloud on 1018 strips of Boy On A Stick And Slither.

What a bizarre and interesting website that Half-Baked is… it’s like something out of Borges. But probably more exciting as a concept than anything.

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