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From Bethesda comes word that Achewood won the Ignatz Award for best online comic; as James Kochalka pointed out, one of the awesome things about this category is that all of the nominees are really good, so you can be happy no matter who won. You can see Kochalka’s very funny presentation of the award here, and sharp-eyed readers may even be able to spot a gorilla in the midst of the audience.

  • Totally missed it, which required Rosscott to point out to me that Danielle Corsetto has passed the four year mark for Girls With Slingshots Last Wednesday. Corsetto, modest to the end, announced the happy news via Twitter, but unfortunately is under the weather with post-con death rot. Send good wishes (and maybe some soup) to her, won’t you? And to Karen Ellis, too.
  • Speaking of Rosscott and his very limited palette (put to remarkably good use), a photo comic I recently came across uses a similarly limited toolset — Red Pen. Thnk of a cross between the late Terror Island and the even later Bad Line (no longer exists as far as I can tell, but you can always check the Wayback Machine).
  • That’s two dimensions down; anybody want to bet that Munroe doesn’t stop at three?
  • Speaking of three, you’ve got about that many days to get in on the ground floor of the taste sensation fabulous mystery that is Mezzacotta. Since I read last week that social networking finally passed porn as the major driver of net traffic, I’m really wondering if the Mezz’ falls into either of those venerable categories, or is something completely new.
  • Finally, one of my favorite creators in the print indy comic world, Alex Robinson, has had two pretty damn good releases in the past twelve months or so — Too Cool To Be Forgotten, and the wonderfully silly, bloody, and wordless Lower Regions. Now Alex joins us on the network side with a followup to LR at Top Shelf 2.0: Defense of the West Gate gives one of them dungeon-dwellin’ critters the chance to tell his version of what happens when the conquering heroes decide to go earn a living. Inner 13 year olds will be giving bonus points for the totally awesome, surgically precise, midline anatomical sectioning (via battle-axe) on page 12.

Sorry, I don’t mean to be a pain. But this SPX thing and the Girls With Slingshots update got me thinking. Someone should really chart all of the times certain webcomics(/creators) are mentioned on fleen, to see if maybe there are any alarming trends. Or just gross over/under reporting. I mean, everyone knows it anecdotally, it would just be nice to see some numbers.

It’s ridiculous how it seems like I hear about GWS here every other day, and it’s ONLY been in the context of SPX that I’ve heard of any of those webcomic nominees besides Achewood.

If this website even aspires to be journalistic, shouldn’t you be… profiling them? Or at least interested in them? I know, I know, I know: Fleen is free. I shouldn’t be complaining. But it would be nice if you stretched your wings a bit. If this website was actually dedicated to furthering the medium, and not just wanton linking. If you think I’m asking too much, please point me to where I should go instead. I won’t bother you as much.

What part of “semi-abusive opinion mongering” don’t you understand, Andre?

Also, don’t forget. Fleen is driven from journalistic intents – that means SHEER SODDEN LAZINESS. If this is not what you mean when you say “journalistic”, then you have obviously been using a dictionary at least twenty years old.

If you want to see something mentioned on the front page, send a note to Gary. If the thing you want to see mentioned doesn’t absolutely stink, it will likely show up!

Tenthly, GWS is awesome.

Gaz can’t win. If he’s nice, he’s bootlicking, if he’s critical, he’s a big ol’ meany.

We’re turning this blog around and going home!

Nic –
Made you post.

Guess who won?

Probably not the guy moving to Winchester, I suspect.

[…] [Scene] Brian Heater, Chris Mautner, Laura Hudson and Ben Towle report from last weekend’s Small Press Expo in Maryland, while Mike Lynch has video and photos from the show. Ian Buckwalter also has photos. Finally, here’s video of James Kochalka’s hilarious presentation of the Best Online Comic Award at the Ignatz ceremony. (Above: screenshot from Lynch’s video. Kochalka-video link via Gary Tyrell.) […]

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