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Who Doesn’t Like Wonder Woman?

NAZIS, that’s who! It’s time for Wonder Woman Day III, a benefit for domestic violence shelters in Portland (Oregon) and Flemington (New Jersey). As he did last year, Paul Taylor of Wapsi Square is contributing a piece to the art auction. What, Wonder Woman isn’t allowed to wake up with her coffee and fluffy slippers? I particularly like that this WW has the arms to support some serious buttkickery. If webcomickry feels like turning this into a meme, the organizers are apparently accepting submissions for about two more weeks.

  • Fleen noticed that three years of doctoring and ninjaing were marked on Monday; we would have run notice of the anniversary yesterday, but there was this big BANDWIDTH EXCEDED thing going on. Still, the entire decision to color Dr McNinja could have been made solely to set up this splash page, and it would totally have been worth it.
  • Speaking of DrMcN, Kent Archer, inker extraordinaire, is taking commissions.
  • Hey, do you like your stories of time travel, grad students, and wacky antics mixed with a rubbery-limbed, Saturday morning cartoon art style? You might wanna check out Chronillogical, which is at a natural jumping-on point in the story and doesn’t have too deep of an archive to get caught up on.
  • Mr Oblivious: It’s like a widescreen, silent movie version of The Far Side, and something about the art reminds me of Roger Langridge. It’s worth the occasional checking-out, if you enjoy the laugh-chuckles.
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