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The Economy Finally Stopped Being A Bitch Long Enough, I Guess

If you didn’t happen to hear it, a 7:19 long broadcast interview with Achewood’s Chris Onstad is up at the NPR website. Highlights:

  • About a minute in, 13.2 million people heard Steve “Ratboy” Inskeep make an oblique reference to cell phone nuts
  • Starting around the 2:30 mark, Onstad reads four panels from page 29 (also here) in the voices of Ray and Roast Beef (!)
  • An 11 page excerpt is to be found on the website of the highly-respected news organization with the disclaimer:

    (Please note that some users might find the language of this excerpt inappropriate.)

Lots of other things today, too.

  • Ace Fleen contributor Jeff Lowrey sends us photos of Baltimore Comic-Con with this missive attached:

    Don’t really have a bad cosplayer photo, sorry. Best I could have done was a Harley Quinn with a bad camel toe … or a male Green Lantern also with a bad camel toe.

    I think we’re all glad that Jeff spared us. Anyway, check out the Halfpixel dudes (with Jinxlets and without), Danielle Corsetto & friend, and a crowd that seemed curious, but orderly.

  • Scoop: Our sources indicate that Brad Guigar (shown in the photos above in a shirt that reveals his firm alignment with “villains”) is going to be getting a bunch more exposure. Starting on Wednesday, Evil, Inc will begin appearing in The Trend, a weekly publication that is direct-mailed throughout the greater Philadelphia metroplex. That’s right — you no longer have to take on the onerous burden of going to the website or buying a copy of the (Philadelphia) Daily News to get your dose o’ Guigar — he’s coming straight to over 800,000 mailboxes.

    The Trend is a weekly publication, and will run six strips in every issue. As he does in his annual collections, Evil-boy will convert the strips to read as continuous narrative. It’ll start with “best of” strips to catch new readers up, then dovetail with the current storyline about the time that other editions of The Trend get the strip in January, meaning 1.2 million people will get exposed to Evil whether they like it or not! Bwahahahaha!

  • Finally, on Saturday evening, in the midst of a field and under a dark and forboding sky, Andrew Bell — creator of creepy, disturbing material from the darkest recesses of the imagination if not the bowels of hell itself — plighted his troth. The celebration reportedly included free-flowing alcoholic beverages (aka “demon rum”), dancing (aka “the Devil’s revels”) and a “photo booth” that collected the souls of all who sat within it (Ha! You didn’t get my soul, because I already sold it to Rosenberg for a dollar!).

    The bride, obviously aware of the horrors that await her and fully complicit in Bell’s wicked ways, was radiant, even as the depravity swirled around the tastefully-appointed tables. Two young women, in defiance of God’s will, swore to remove themselves to Massachusetts with all dispatch and “totally get married” to each other. Some of the various webcomickers in attendance mysteriously disappeared, returning later with blank visages, perhaps subjected to sights that Man Was Not Meant To See. There were cupcakes, which were delicious, but which possibly also damned the eater to an eternity of torment from which even death offers no respite. At press time, all guests were believed to be accounted for, and claimed nervously that they had a lovely time.

    In all seriousness, it was the second best wedding that I’ve ever attended (I do have to place my own first), and the most fun I’ve had in ages. I cannot possibly wish Andy and Jackie anything less than the greatest happiness, and urge you all to go check out the really cool guest strips running while they relax in a tropical paradise, lost in sun, sea, fruity drinks … and each other.

Baltimore cosplay photos will be showing up at , along with the clay commissions that I was making.

And I still maintain that I would totally marry Holly, if she would have me.

Oh lord I hope that Harley wasn’t me D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: I’m pretty sure it wasn’t…but gawd that would be so embarrassing!

Han-Harl: If you’re the Harley with the hammer, you were fine. I posted some other pics here:

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