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Make That Make Sense To Me

A few more editorial chime-ins: Scott McCloud puts inflation-adjusted numbers into perspective, Jeff Rowland finds the real cause of the fiscal implosion, and decides to put things right. I find logic of his plan strangely compelling.

  • From the artistic transitions department: started in Manga Studio, then went hand-drawn, now it’s done with a brush. Throw in a few dead-on imitations of other styles, and one is left with the conclusion that Meredith Gran is going to conquer the world one day. Honestly, it can’t happen too soon.
  • Always room for one more: Robin White’s been blogging about comics and the creative process at Skitzo Man Dot Com for a bit now … there’s mention of webcomics here and there, so why do I care? Because prior to the blogging, he did a webcomic of his own for some years, and is rerunning that retired project with commentary. It’s an interesting read, and a nice example of the self-examining voice you need to have if you’re going to get better at any kind of creative endeavour. Also, I note from the About page that White is both a) Canadian and b) living in Japan, so extra points there. PS: Robin you totally have to go to the Tezuka Museum in Takarazuka. My hands and feet are totally the same size as Black Jack‘s.
  • Finally, here’s a plot that makes you think Why didn’t anybody come up with this before?: reality show in space with alien critters. Last Resort is just about to hit 100 installments, so there’s enough story there to decide if you’re going to get sucked in or not, and not so much that you have to spend all day pretending to work when the boss walks by.

Thanks for the link and stuff! I’ll definitely add the Tezuka Museum to my list of places to visit, too — thanks!

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