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For Any Enemies Seeking My Death

You now know where to find me on the evening of 7 November. But I warn you — nothing will keep me from the Achewood signing.

  • This is what I get for not scrolling past the comic — I completely missed the wonderful news from Christopher Wright which is now a week old:

    For about a year my wife and I have been in the process of entering an adoption program. In January we went live, in the spring we were matched, and today we took our daughter home from the hospital. … [W]e now have a beautiful little girl who has made it clear that while she permitted the nurses in the hospital nursery to believe she had settled into a regular feeding and sleeping schedule, now that she is home she will tolerate nothing of the kind.

    Fleen congratulates the happy family on their good fortune, and apologizes for just figuring that the comic was not updating because you were living in a Hurricane Ike-carved ditch waiting for power to come back.

  • Sorry ladies, he’s off the market. Reports indicate that Jeph Jacques has successfully gotten married; footage from our chartered paparazzi-copter indicate that no fewer than twelve college-age women have been injured in related riots. Fleen congratulates the happy couple, who are reportedly honeymooning at George Clooney’s villa in Italy.
  • And finally, we note the 1000th strip/four year mark has been reached by Able and Baker. Fleen congratulates the happy creator.
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